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Brittany October 2021

On September 11th, 2021 Amani and Tabasco and their two-legged visited us.

So we had 7 adult bitches on our property, everyone got on very well, including the two-legged, of course ;-) And we are once again proud of our offspring.

How social each of them is, just a dream! Thank you for coming and for the delicious gifts <3

Brittany-impressions June/July/August 2021

06.05.2021, Soulmate Aska on a visit <3
Sophie´s sister Aska is living in Germany.
They havn´t seen each other since puppyhood, are 19 months now :-)

19.12.2020, Soulmate Suna on a visit <3

07.11.2020, Amani on a visit <3

24.10.2020, Tabasco on a visit <3

19.09.2020, Nutty visiting his family <3

Sophie visiting great uncle Jason, September 2020 by Martina Dieken

Our five in the garden, September 2020

Our five in the garden, April 2020

Sophie´s sister Samba for a visit on 22.02.2020