Litter autumn 2016

Actually we wanted to mate Noni next year but you never know………. ;-)

We were at Split/Croatia for the „4 Summer Night Dogs Shows" and Noni was very successful, she won her class four times and became „Croatian Champion“ shortly before her second birthday. There we met Francesca, the owner of "Inter & MultiCh. Berry Neomele". November 2013 Zara had a litter out of him. The puppys developed very nice in character and health. Noni was in heat and I had a dream…….I asked Francesca whether we will try "it" with Berry. I didn´t know whether it was the right time but on Sunday morning, the 31.07. they did it.

In the evening she became a Champion :-)

Once again Berry was a real gentleman, now we are hoping for a beautiful and healthy litter.

Both parents are healthy, have an excellent character and are like their ancestors and siblings very successful in shows. More information of the father you will see here:

Find out more about Noni on our website at “Our dogs” or contact us directly.
Our breeding program sets a high value on good health and a social charakter also with other dogs. The parents have to complement one another in their bodies.
Furthermore we try to breed with rare pedigrees, not intended for simply reproduction.
Both parents have exclusive pedigrees, please have a look.
If you are interested in a puppy or if you want to get to know Rhodesian Ridgebacks you are hardly welcome.

Once again: thanks Francesca for providing this exceptional stud dog and thanks for your beautiful litter announcement :-)

We will call this litter „Penzi“. It means love in Swahili and is a memory of

"Inter & MultiCh. Tarujen Penzi" a very famous grandgrandgrandfather of the puppys.

We B.A.R.F our dogs and the puppies (raw meat).