Litter January 2015

After due consideration and a check at the veterinary that has confirmed that Zara is healthy and in excellent condition we decided to have a 4th and last litter with her.
Once again we handpicked a very young male:

"Kadamo It´s Now or Never" aka "Elvis".

He comes from the very successful Swedish kennel "Kadamo" and lives in Czech Republic with Šárka Štusáková. She not only breeds RR under her kennel "Anunnaki" (the father of our litter in May 2013 is "Écaille Anunnaki") but also is judge for RR and main breeding adviser at the Czeck club KCHRR. We are very glad about this amazing combination and nomen est omen, therefore this litter is named "Or never" (in 2015 all litters in Belgium begin with "O"). "Now or Never", we are so glad to have puppies out of this exceptional bitch concerning congenialness, health and appearance one last time.

Both parents are healthy, have an excellent character and are like their relatives very successful in shows. More information of the father you will see here:

Find out more about Zara on our website at “Our dogs” or contact us directly.
Our breeding program sets a high value on good health and a social character also with other dogs. The parents have to complement one another in their bodies.
Furthermore we try to breed with rare pedigrees, not intended for simply reproduction.
Both parents have exclusive pedigrees, please have a look.
Thank you Francesca for the beautiful litter announcement.

Once again you realized our ideas perfectly :-)

We B.A.R.F our dogs and the puppies (raw meat).