Mkondo wa Simba Next Generation American Boy

L´au revoir
Ceci est quelque chose qui nous a été très dur, de laisser partir notre "Beatle/American Boy" et maintenant "Zeus" à travers l'Atlantique vers les USA.  Nous l'avons laissé très tôt le matin à Amsterdam chez "Zoologistics", une société spécialisé dans le transport d'animaux et qui les accompagne jusqu'au départ de l'avion.  Encore une fois regarder dans ses yeux plein de confiance nous a presque fendu le coeur, mais il était tout à fait relaxed et nous pensons que c'est aussi grace à Romy, notre communicatrice d'animaux qui l'a préparé et accompagné en pensées dans ce voyage et bien sur avec l'aide de sa maman Juno :-)  Nous avons suivi son voyage sur internet avec tension et le temps surtout depuis l'atterissage de l'avion à Portland, Oregon et l'appel tant attendu de sa nouvelle famille nous a semblé interminable.  En tout il a été plus de 20 heures en route, mais comme le montrent les images, il s'est bien habitué dans sa nouvelle maison.  Il vit maintenant près de Portland avec d'autres RR et nous pensons que ça en valait la peine pour lui.

A la maison (désolé, pas de traduction ici)
I must tell you about our special experience that happened to us on the way home from the airport with Zeus on Monday. We did not know his name was Zeus yet. Amanda and I needed to go and pick up Andrea our other daughter before we could come home. We drove to La Center High School and picked her up. Of course our boy is riding in the front seat with us on Andrea and Amanda’s laps, snuggled up sleeping after his long trip to America. We could not bear to think of him alone in his kennel, even in the same vehicle with us. After we picked up Andrea, as we were driving home on very beautiful country roads with open fields of lush, green grass, extensive forests of tall trees and the last of the summer flowers, we saw an extremely larger than normal, intensely colorful rainbow. As we looked, we could see the end of this bright rainbow right there on the road. We were astonished, as we have seen many rainbows here in the northwest, but this one was very wide with brilliant colors and we have never seen the end of a rainbow. We were discussing how fantastic this photograph in our minds was and all of the sudden we see another large beautiful rainbow and again we see the end of this rainbow, but this time the end of the rainbow was sitting in the field we were driving by. We each looked at one another and at our American boy from Belgium and we knew he was so extraordinary and we agreed that his name should be “Zeus” – ruler of the Gods. Our daughter Andrea has studied Greek mythology intently and said “Zeus” was known as a ruler over thunder and the Heavens. Because of our experience with our boy, his name is now “Zeus”.   He is pretty much potty trained and looks forward to going outside to run and play although he is not near as fast as Archer, but he still has a very wonderful time trying to catch him. Archer is very good natured and plays nicely with him. Zeus loves nice warm baths in our kitchen sink and then snuggling up near the wood stove afterwards with whichever one of us has the opportunity and pleasure to hold him.
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Congratulations to you and Querida! (Soulmate litter) How exciting! We are so sorry to hear that there is not a boy for us, but we know he will come. For now, we have our precious Zeus. We love him so much. He has turned into one of the greatest dogs ever! Our girls are not allowed to go on any hikes unless they take Zeus and another ridgeback for protection, as there are many cougars and coyotes in our area who travel in daylight hunting. To be honest I am fearful for my dogs welfare with these wild animals around, so we keep them very close to us for our protection as much as for theirs.

Ici vous pouvez voir quelques uns de Zeus´ enfants:
Lisa Forti: The whole litter is just gorgeous!! They are all very fine specimens...Diana is an amazing breeder!! I honestly think a lot of them are show quality!! We have been told that by many people!! Xander you're a handsome handsome boy as well!

Lisa Forti: This boy (Cooper) is our everything!
How an animal can make such an impact on your life
is a mystery to us! He has been the best thing that’s ever happened to us, the unconditional love, the middle of the night kisses, the funny little things he does everyday that show us his unique character, it’s amazing how us humans underestimate how smart and how in tune our fur babies are to us....we needed him to get through some tough stuff this year and he was always there for us! I can’t believe you’re 5 already! I remember the day we picked you up, seems like it was just yesterday! Here’s to forever my boy!! You’ll always be #1 in our books! We love you so much!!!

Et ici son fils Xander qui vit avec Zeus:
He learns a command within 4-5 tries of doing it. He knows sit, down, shake, stay, roll over, speak, heal, drop it (his ball, or toy) come and off. He LOVES to play fetch and could do it all day until he lays down with his ball and just chews on it so you stop.