Today our baby is two years old :-)
Happy Birthday Sophie, Happy Birthday Soulmate litter <3


On Friday I visited Martina with Sophie and there are some nice pictures of Sophie :-)

On Saturday Amani and Tabasco visited us and there are also many nice pictures

of a harmonious meeting <3

Happy Birthday "Next Generation" litter <3
Happy Birthday Noni <3

July 2021
Brittany-impressions at "Gallery from 2020"

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.
Filling an emptiness we don´t even know we have. (Thorn Jones)

Happy Birthday Juno <3
Happy Birthday MwS J-litter <3
Eleven years on earth now :-)

May 2021
A must see :-)

Soulmate Aska, sister of Sophie on a visit, photos at "Galerie from 2021"

There are plenty of birthdays to celebrate in May :-)

In order not to bore you,

we would like to congratulate everyone who is getting older in this wonderful month.

But especially Azima i.m. from our first litter 20 years ago;

Zara i.m., foundation bitch since 2007;

our Maylin, who is already 8 years old with her siblings

and our last litter, who celebrates its very first birthday.

Celebrate your birthdays, whether here on earth or behind the rainbow bridge <3


07.07.2020 is not only a memorable date, it is our first day as an inactive breeder.
Don't worry, we will of course continue to assist all of our

“puppy people” with help and advice.
All litters, all of our puppies are special to us. The last litter was a little bit more "special", not only because it is our last, but this time we had two mothers:

Querida actively supported Omnia in raising the babies,

even by nursing them.
Every time it was an adventure, every time different… We tried to give the babies the best possible start in life, we tried to find the best possible family for each baby… Every time it was a lot of work, but it was was also a lot of fun.

Every time there was a lot of passion, every time we experienced

and gave a lot of love. It was always a wonderful feeling to look into the eyes

of happy families when they could take THEIR baby home, finally!
We thank all of our "puppy people" for the love you gave and give to our babies.

We thank you for your (also repeated) trust in us as breeders <3
We couldn't be happier; to be able to experience the miracle of birth so often,

to be able to raise these little miracles until they are handed over and to be able

to experience their further lives in their families.
From our breeding we have kept five bitches that live in perfect harmony as a pack with us. There is "Juno" with her three daughters "Noni", "Omnia" and

"Querida" with her daughter "Sophie".