It is our goal to breed healthy family dogs of stable character that conform to the breed standards of the Rhodesian Ridgeback regarding looks and character.

We B.A.R.F. our dogs and the puppies.
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During the first few weeks our dogs grow up in the living room. We take care of the mother dog and her puppies around the clock to optimally accustom them for a future of family surroundings (human proximity, every day sounds etc.)

After four till five weeks, depending on the weather, our dogs have the opportunity to conquer their huge (3000qm) adventure playground – our garden. Nevertheless, now as before in the living room, our mother dog can decide whether she wants to rest or play with and educate her little rascals.
It will never get boring on the adventure playground; there will always be a new surprise or challenge to encounter for the little ones.

From the fourth week onwards all those interested in buying a dog have the opportunity to visit, play and cuddle with the puppies after making date arrangements.

It is very important to us to give our babies a perfect home, that’s why we would like the future ‘parents’ to get to know them as early
as possible and take some time with our decisions.
Perpetually taking care of our little ones enables us to know every single individual character (that is already clearly recognizable) by heart. Therefore it is taken for granted that we will help you with the decision about your new family member.
Even after giving them away to their new homes, the little ones will stay ‘our babies’ which is why we would like to stay in contact with the buyers. This can be in form of dog walks, on dog shows, via pictures or phone calls. Of course we are always available to everyone who wants to get to know more about RR.
Before you decide for a Rhodesian Ridgeback, please read the corresponding literature. You should never decide for a certain breed only because of  its looks! You should be aware of their needs and their characteristics to meet the standards of your new family member and built a healthy environment for it, no matter which breed.
You can also get to know the Rhodesian Ridgeback on dog shows, at breeders (always from a FCI breeder) or just accompany a dog walk, it might help to make your decision.

"Children should get two things from their parents: roots and wings."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe